Invitation to participate in the Ukrainian - Moldovan transboundary production - scientific - educational cluster for the processing of winemaking by-products.

With the purpose of creating specialized enterprises in Ukraine and Moldova, processing secondary raw materials, it is necessary to combine the potential of scientific institutions, wineries, state and public structures on the basis of cluster ideology, which will allow to obtain additional profit from the sale of innovative products. Formation and functioning of the cluster for integrated, non-waste processing of secondary winemaking raw materials is an economically expedient, innovative investment attractive project that satisfies the commercial claims of all participants: founders, suppliers of raw materials (grape processing plants), representatives of science, producers and consumers of products.
In connection with the foregoing, in order to create a favorable competitive environment in the domestic and international wine and cognac secondary products markets, in the context of the need to improve the process of processing secondary winemaking by-products and to encourage environmentally friendly zones, we invite interested parties to participate in the cluster

For the Ukrainian side, please apply for participation in the cluster by e-mail:
For the Moldavian and international sides, please apply for participation in the cluster by e-mail:

Purpose and Tasks of the cluster:
The main objective of the cluster is to establish a sustainable partnership to consolidate transnational opportunities in the development and implementation of programs and social services to improve the living standards of the population.
1. Development of a cross-border partnership between authorities, NGOs and the private sector, as well as establishing a multi-sectoral dialogue to improve the provision of viticulture services;
2. Stimulating the development of the international potential of government bodies, civil society and the business community in the implementation of non-waste production mechanisms;
3. Improvement of quality of services and development of the market of secondary winemaking products in Moldova and Ukraine;
4. Public participation in the definition of general regional agricultural problems and their solutions, as well as monitoring and evaluation of the achieved results;
5. Development and stimulation of cluster approach and multi-level chain of interstate relations in the field of viticulture.

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The PDF document contains: “Memorandum of Cooperation between the Partners of the EU Grant No. 83263440”
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