Category: News 16 october 2018, 19:10

Study visit to Ukraine

September 5-7, 2018, a Study visit to Ukraine in the framework of the EAPTC MD-UA program "Development of the Ukrainian-Moldovan cross-border production, scientific and educational cluster for the processing of wine making by-products", financed by the EU through GIZ. The visit consisted from an interactive lecture: The wine and wine complex of Ukraine and the experience of foreign countries in the processing of secondary raw materials of winemaking, Classification and characteristics of the secondary raw materials of winemaking and the scheme for its complex processing, Technologies for processing grape scraps for the food and processing industries. Practical work: Calculation of the yield of processed products of secondary raw materials of wine making, determination of food and biological value of the products obtained, Cluster form of organization of production and cooperation links in a transboundary region. Cluster models of capitalization of an entrepreneurial initiative, their economic evaluation. Worldwide trends of clustering in the context of forming a cluster for processing secondary winemaking products in the transboundary South-Ukraine-Moldova region, developing the organizational structure and economic mechanism of the cluster for processing secondary winemaking products in the South Ukraine-Moldova transboundary region.

Also there were experimental and practical visits to the winery Shabo, Brandy Factory Shustov, Academy of Food Technologies.