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Best practices exchange and marketing

July 30-31, 2018 in Comrat in the GRAND complex, took place
seminar "Best practices exchange and marketing of processing by-products of the wine and wine industry in accordance with European technologies"
The seminar was attended by representatives of the wine industry of Ukraine and Moldova, researchers, teachers and students of universities, business representatives, potential consumers of innovative products from the secondary raw materials of winemaking.
The seminar was successfully carried out within the framework of the Project “Development of the Ukrainian-Moldavian cross-border production-scientific-educational cluster for processing of winemaking by-products” implemented in partnership with the Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of the Odessa region and the public organization "City Development Center and Information Technologies" (Ukraine) in accordance with the program of Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Moldova-Ukraine and co-funded by the European Union through GIZ.
The aim of the seminar is to exchange complex approaches, practices and discuss the problems of processing secondary raw materials for winemaking in Moldova and Ukraine.
At present, there are no enterprises in Moldova and Ukraine that carry out complex processing of secondary raw materials for winemaking (grains, seeds, crests, yeast sediments, cognac bard, etc.) for products with high consumer value (grape oil, enollers, polyphenolic extracts, tartaric acid, biologically active additives, BIO syrups, energetic drinks, etc.).
With the purpose of creating specialized enterprises that process secondary raw materials, it is necessary to combine the potential of scientific institutions, wineries, state and public structures on the basis of a cluster ideology that will provide additional profit from the sale of innovative products. Formation and functioning of the cluster for integrated, non-waste processing winemaking by-product is an economically expedient, innovative investment attractive project that satisfies the commercial claims of all participants: founders, suppliers of raw materials (grape processing plants), representatives of science, producers and consumers of the products.
In the course of speeches, discussions, information on the achievements of scientists and winemakers, economists, became the basis for combining the efforts of representatives of various structures on the functioning of a cluster for processing secondary raw materials of winemaking in a cross border region Moldova-Ukraine.