Processing of wine making
by-products cluster

Project "Development of the Ukrainian-Moldavian cross-border production-scientific-educational cluster for processing of winemaking by-products"



directs on creation specialized enterprises in Ukraine and Moldova that process winemaking by-products and materials for uniting the potential of scientific institutions, wineries, state and public structures on the basis of cluster ideology, which will allow obtaining additional advantage from the delivering of innovative products. Formation and functioning of the cluster for integrated, non-waste processing of winemaking by-products and secondary winemaking raw materials are an economically expedient, innovative investment attractive project that satisfies the commercial claims of all participants: founders, suppliers of raw materials (grape processing plants), representatives of science, producers and consumers of the products.

The main beneficiaries of the cross-border project are representatives of the wine industry of Ukraine and Moldova, researchers, teachers, university students, business representatives, potential consumers of innovative products from the winemaking by-products, and indirectly ordinary citizens using cosmetics for example.


Presentations Presentations
In order to create favorable conditions for the generation of new ideas in processing of winemaking by-products, the project has developed guides for a long-term sustainable development.
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Research Research
Within the framework of the project 8 studies were conducted and published to intensify the formation of a cluster and facilitate the technical and economic justifications for processing of winemaking by-products
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Processing Processing
As part of the work of researchers, the stages of winemaking by-products processing with the final goal to get valuable products with increased value added were developed and described in detail.
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Offering fruitful partnership

Invitation to participate in the Ukrainian - Moldovan cross border production - scientific - educational cluster for the processing of winemaking by-products, with the purpose of creating specialized enterprises in Ukraine and Moldova, processing secondary raw materials, it is necessary to combine the potential of scientific institutions, wineries, state and public structures on the basis of cluster ideology.

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